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Abraham "Abe" Treviño 
Interactive UX/UI Designer @Nvierno.Design
Based out of Austin, TX.


UX Case Study

Designed a mobile app concept to keep track of your pet's health, schedule appointments and more by fusing elements of eCommerce with emerging Web 3.0 concepts such as tokens & smart contracts.

Rejuvenate Austin

Client Project

Worked with a business owner in the health & beauty industry to create a secondary online presence, designing a branding strategy for a modern, intuitive QR-accessible experience.


Electronic Music Association (EMA)

Self-founded a student organization that taught aspiring electronic music artists; Created & oversaw the marketing/graphic design of all promotional & social media material.


Conde 2014

Designed logo, assets & campaign materials for Jose U. Conde Jr., a graduate of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), and candidate for City Council District 1 of LaredoTexas.


R. Alcorta Trucking

Designed a minimal, stylized logo with native & cultural tribal influences for an independent trucking company based out of Laredo TX, with a hotly hued palette signifying allegiance to family values.


Artist Branding

Designed various logos & promotional material for several music artists, including K-Mack and DJ EZCO.


Branding & Design

"It is all one to me where I begin,
for I shall come back there again."

—Parmenides of Elea, 'On Nature'

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