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Hi, I'm Abe.

I am a multidisciplinary Latino-American designer that aims to understand & empathize with the issues we face in our ever-evolving digital lives, and conceptualize the most intuitive and responsive interactions through human-centered design.

About Me:

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a little bit of a world-builder, dreaming up my own unique & fantastical worlds often influenced by the many stories, games I've enjoyed as well as real-world events & experiences in my culture & upbringing.


I finally came into my own in high school when I attended Vidal M. Trevino, a fine arts magnet school in Laredo, Texas. There I was bestowed with the tools, knowledge, and inner spark to explore numerous artistic fields, from clay sculptures & installations to street art, architecture, renaissance works and modern day contemporary masterpieces.


In 2014 I attended Texas State University, graduating with Honors in December of 2016. Having earned my Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice I had finally completed one of my many personal journeys, all the while enhancing my various perspectives of the human mind & society.


In my studies, I familiarized myself within the field of behavioral sciences, deconstructing case studies from various sociological perspectives in judicial and criminal-based proceedings. During my 2nd year, I founded my own student organization focused on broadening the scope and exploring the stigmas behind the evolving electronic music scene at the time, and made many lifelong friends that I've had the pleasure of knowing to this day.


After brief ventures working in customer success & corporate sales, It would only be a few years later that my life would forever change, during the 2019 COVID pandemic. In that time I sought to undertake an intensive project-based certification program in User Experience Design from Kenzie Academy, finally graduating in 2021. I had finally brought the culmination of my creative skills to a whole new dimension.

As a passionately intuitive artist, storyteller, and business-minded individual, I believe in the power of applying UX principles to the products & services we use in our modern lives, simplifying the connections between human perception and modern systems, & creating enhanced experiences for the modern era.

Altogether I have more than 5+ years of freelance experience in visual & graphic design, having created digital assets for various artists and businesses, including for my own pursuits & endeavors. I have acquired a certification in XR Design, having understood and endeavored to design optimal systems of interaction using the fundamental principles within AR/XR experiences.

When I'm not hanging out in VR or hitting sick aerials on Rocket League, I enjoy writing super-chill wave music with a broad range influences from electronic, jazz, ambient, and more under my alias icecoldbvrr. 
Check out some of my tracks here.

All creative work exists under my label, Nvierno.



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