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A case study in designing a mobile app experience to help keep your pets healthy, all on the blockchain.

UX/UI | eCommerce | Blockchain

Roles: User Experience | Interface Design | User Research

Tools: Figma, Affinity Designer, Whimsical, Adobe Photoshop,,, Google Suite

Awards: CareerKarma | 2021

In November 2020 during my time at Kenzie, I set about designing a concept for a mobile application that empowers pet owners to take control of their pet's personal information to schedule vet appointments, purchase pet goods & more. 

By using the service, pet owners would have a modern way to interact with service providers while taking part in a decentralized data-based economy using the cutting edge in blockchain technology.

40. Cherokee.png
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I conducted research via user interviews on the subsequent questions through a combination of means, including Zoom and I aimed to answer key questions such as:

  • What methods were subjects currently using in keeping track of their pet's health?

  • How familiar were they with the locations of their local pet service providers?

  • What steps would the subjects take for in order to receive care for their pets in an emergency


Obtaining Insight

Using the data I gathered, I formulated personas and user stories that would be exceptional matches for utilizing the conceptual platform. For example;

  • As a pet owner, I want to use a mobile app to keep track of my pet's health, by setting appointments directly with pet service providers, as well as buy pet products directly from local suppliers.

Persona - Pet Owner .png
Pet OwnerJourney Map.png
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User Flow

I composed a user flow that best exemplified the situations faced by users looking to retrieve their pet's documents/health information.

From this data I was able to infer that many pet owners, in order to retrieve their pet's documents for dissemination to their pet service providers, often had to go about this through one of various means. In my research, I concluded that on several key areas;

  • Many pet owners reported that they often had to keep physical files of their pet's medical information either on-hand, or through digital means, meaning they would be unable to or find it difficult to obtain pet health information at a moment's notice, such as when away from the home or traveling.

  • Some pet providers often allowed for pet owners to defer the handling of a pet's medical information to third-party services, but at a cost.

Before moving into wireframing and prototyping, I composed a flowchart depicting an exhaustive list of actions that the user would engage in to guide my design process.

Access the full wireframe file on Whimsical.


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Feature I :
Pet Profiles

In order to securely track transactions and accurately create continuity between visits, pet owners would be able to create virtual representations of their pets on the blockchain, known as Pet Tokens.


Pet tokens would be able to store their pet's health information within cryptographically secure algorithms that can only be decrypted by their respective owners and select pet service providers that request access.


Everything from scheduling pet appointments to purchasing goods & services would be managed through the pet owner's wallet containing their respective Pet Token.


Feature II :
Interactive Maps 

Registered Pet owners would have access to a map populated with certified pet service providers within the platform's ecosystem.



Feature III :
Integrated Marketplace

Users would be able to visit a decentralized Marketplace where Pet Providers would be able to openly list their goods and services.

  • The identities between registered users and pet service providers will be hidden, visible only through their wallet addresses within a Smart Contract.

  • Users can schedule services & order pet proructs at their leisure, all while using Smart Contracts that utilize Proof-of-Stake for facilitating transactions.

On Progress

Pawllet Promo1.png

This case study aimed to create a design concept for a universal pet supply market / exchange, where local vets & pet establishments will be able to connect directly with consumers in an openly decentralized market platform. 

Once a user has registered, they would be able to trustlessly interact with pet service providers and would be able to do anything from scheduling vet appointments to buying goods for their pet via the platform.

This project is still ongoing as of 2022 and is currently in prototyping for further iteration of a desktop version.


For more information, please get in touch. 



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