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Rejuvenate Austin
Creating a QR-Accessible Menu for a modern consumer experience

Roles: Web Design | Interface Design

Tools: Figma, Wix, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop

UX | UI Design 

In September 2021 I was contracted by a luxury health spa to convert their physical brochure of services into a mobile-first online menu which can be accessed directly through QR graphics, utilizing a new means to generate outreach towards an ever-modernizing clientele.

R_A - UX Design Document_CustomerJourneyMap.png


User Journey

I applied a design-oriented thinking process in order to figure out where the user journey could be optimized through the services the business provided, and came to several conclusions:

  • The menu should have clearly distinct categories where customers would be able to browse through descriptive services separated by category and would be able to return to the main menu easily.

  • Pricing & details would be listed & fully editable for each service, as well as including a brief but helpful description to better clarify which services would be better suited for specific ailments.


Style Guide

I chose colors that reflected health, such as verdant green, vibrant oranges, and rich reds.

For the final typography, I utilized several fonts in the Baskerville and Bodoni family for their distinctive look of refined elegance.


Initial Wireframing | Component Design


Prototyping /
Site Map Architecture

R_A - UX Design Document_SiteMapArch.png


Modern Accessibility

QR-Accessible Design would allow this project to be viewed from objects such as business cards, stickers, photo frames, and more for easier visibility and maximum outreach.

  • A search bar attached to the header would allow for customers to quickly search up pricing and details for services.

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